Our Story

Established in 2012, Leigh & Patrick Ireland opened Roothouse Lifestyle as a beautiful lifestyle and home décor store to showcase Canadian artisans and designers. We have taken it on as our mission to find items that are the “best of the best” Canadian to bring to our customers!

So why did we call it the Roothouse? Well, not only did we think it was a good fit for our business in the Okanagan, we also wanted to recognize his grandmother’s magical little grey roothouse, where he spent many a good summers selling plums, pears and apples to the customers that would come from near and far year after year.

Today, we carry on that great tradition in Roothouse Lifestyle, although the product mix has changed substantially, and we no longer sell fruit unless it’s in a version of soap.

Roothouse Lifestyle has also become a social hub where friends and families can meet and mingle all year round and absorb a very whimsical mix of the latest “on trend” products. Hopefully, they’ll even find that perfect find for their own home spaces. It has been our absolute pleasure getting to know our community and we hope you’ll continue to be part of our story in the years to come.

One of the reasons we love what we do is when customers tell us how much enjoyment their shop purchases have given them… not just for one season but for many seasons. Roothouse Lifestyle is a well-loved roothouse by both regulars and visitors who, just like at grandma’s farm, return every year. Welcome to our website…and please make sure you come to our store for a visit if you can make it.

Leigh & Patrick Ireland

Roothouse Storefront Summer 2016

“There’s no place like home.”

Dorothy,  Wizard of OZ